Application: RN's for Flu Clinics & Corporate Health Fairs with Wellness Corporate Solutions

Location: All 50 States

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) is a nationwide health and wellness company that has provided health screenings nationwide for over a decade to more than 300 corporate clients. We have a network of over 5,000 trained and certified healthcare professionals, and are looking to expand!

Once hired, you have the opportunity to work local flu clinics when they become available, choose from our list of upcoming health fairs and set your own schedule. Our most active season is the fall, and adding yourself to our network now would put you on the ground floor for screening opportunities around your availability.

WCS hires individuals on a W2 part-time basis, provides excellent hourly wages, and further onsite training when needed!

Job Description:

A WCS flu nurse is responsible for contributing their skills and services to the successful setup, running, and break-down of a flu clinic in a corporate setting, while following all HIPAA regulations and Universal/Standard Precautions.  The flu nurse may work alone, or in a supervisory capacity to a small team of providers.  Finally, the flu nurse is responsible for inventory management, and timely return of documentation, and supplies.

Required Skills: 

  • Extensive understanding of vaccine safety control procedures
  • Adept at monitoring patients during the process of administering shots
  • Ability to keep participant/patient at ease.  
  • Strong knowledge of flu vaccines including storage requirements
  • Demonstrated competency in taking a manual blood pressure reading
  • Computer literacy sufficient to navigate an online web portal to accept and decline job offers, identify important event information, and submit timecards and invoices.
  • Ability to communicate in a professional manner in all types of situations and continually maintain a high level of customer service.
  • Ability to work efficiently with minimal supervision



  • Certifications:
    • Minimum certification in Licensed Practical/Vocational Nursing (in good standing and valid in state of event location)
    • Active Registered Nursing License preferred (in good standing and valid in state of event location)
    • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Years of Experience:
    • Minimum one to two years’ experience administering flu vaccine.
  • Other:
    • Knowledge of OSHA, HIPAA regulations and the laws surrounding PHI and PII
    • Must be at least 18 or older.
    • Copy of updated Physical, based on state requirements for a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
    • Copy of updated TB results 
    • Must have a reliable form of transportation


*Must be willing and able to pass a criminal background check and drug test


Dress Code:

Collared white shirt and black pants worn in a professional manner with comfortable and clean closed-toe shoes with no visible tattoos/piercings (except single ear piercings).



* required field

* Are you able to adhere to our dress code policy as indicated above?
 Yes  No
* Have you been convicted of a felony?
 Yes  No
* I agree to allow WCS to perform a background check on me and am willing and able to pass both a background check and a drug test.
* Glove Size
* Lab Coat Size
* Do you have a reliable source of transportation?
 Yes  No
* Do you own a centrifuge?
 Yes  No
If yes, how many centrifuges do you own personally?
Is your centrifuge compatible with 8.5ml SST (tiger top)?
 Yes  No
* Are you willing and able to receive the flu vaccine and dry goods to your home prior to the event?
 Yes  No
* Educational Level
* Desired pay rate:
* How did you hear about us?
If 'Other' or 'Referral', please specify
* Are you a military veteran?
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* Are you the spouse of a military veteran?
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Experience & Qualifications
Please check ONLY those that apply to your experience:
Experience performing fingersticks
Experience testing Cholesterol
Experience with Cholestech LDX machine
Current First Aid Certification
Current CPR Certification
Calculated blood pressure
Experience calculating body composition
Experience with health screening events
Experience with lung spirometry testing using COPd-6 equipment
Experience performing full blood draws
Experience working in a lab performing blood draws
Experience administering flu shot
Experience with CardioChek machine
# of years Experience performing fingersticks
# of years Experience testing Cholesterol
# of years Experience with Cholestech LDX
# of Years Experience with CardioChek machine
* Credentials
If "Other" or "Multiple" then provide Credential Title(s):
* How comfortable are you learning and using new technology?
Do you work with any other screening companies? If so, please list:
Other than home state, list states you are licensed to administer flu shots.
* Have you ever been employed by LabCorp or any of its subsidiaries, such as Covance?
 Yes  No
If yes, please list the name of the company
From Date
To Date

* Bilingual?
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Primary Language
Secondary Language

WCS Agreement

* By checking this box, I consent to the Acceptable Use Policy
Refer to: Acceptable Use Policy
* By checking this box, I consent to the At Will Employee Agreement
Refer to: At Will Employee Agreement
* By checking this box, I consent to the Code of conduct

Video Interview

Thank you for completing the online application to work screening events with Wellness Corporate Solutions! WCS also uses video interviewing to further evaluate and get to know our applicants! Completing the video interview portion is not mandatory for submitting an application; however, it is highly encouraged and recommended for increasing your opportunity of working with WCS and expediting the onboarding process.


The interview consists of a few questions and you’ll have the ability to practice before getting started. Our goal is for our hiring team to get to know you better. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Here's the link for your video interview:

A few important things to note:


· We use a video interviewing platform called Spark Hire so if you need any help with the process, you can reach their 24x7 support team at


· If you don’t have a webcam, you can use a mobile device after downloading Spark Hire’s free iOS or Android app.


· Once you accept the interview invitation, you’ll be emailed step by step instructions from Spark Hire.


We look forward to seeing your video interview submission!

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We appreciate your time and interest in becoming a Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) Wellness Representative!

WCS hires based on need. Should we have a health screening event OR training opportunity available in your area, you will be contacted.

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