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Time Tracking & Add-Ons

Shiftboard offers integrated time tracking and advanced scheduling tools that enhance the core Shiftboard platform, with the same ease of use you expect.


Timecard provides electronic timesheet submission. Do away with paper and faxing.

  • Enable timesheet submission from workers and approval from managers
  • Optionally restrict timesheet submission only to managers
  • Download approved timesheets to load into the payroll/accounting system
  • Sort and filter timesheets by client (external) or department (internal) for reporting
  • Link timesheet data to any payroll/financial system via our Web Services API


With Timeclock, workers can clock-in and clock-out online via Shiftboard.

  • View a list of all clocked-in workers in real-time
  • Managers can be set up to clock-in workers
  • Timesheets are automatically generated in Timecard
  • Integrated with Timecard for reporting and filtering options



Standby Lists (Automatic or On-Call)

Set a standby list for critical shifts and have the system auto-fill canceled shifts:

  • Workers can sign themselves up on the standby list for desired shifts
  • Options include auto-confirm or contact-before-confirm
  • Specify number of standbys required for a given shift

Time Off

Track paid time off (PTO) requests and view approved PTO directly on the calendar:

  • Track and filter different types of time off (vacation, training, sick days, etc.)
  • Managers can view PTO request queue(s) with time stamps
  • Toggle on or off viewing approved PTO directly on the calendar
  • Report on PTO hours and days

Advanced Recruiting & Onboarding

Track candidates through various stages of the recruiting and hiring process:

  • Filter candidates by recruiting status (contacted, in-process, etc.)
  • Create phone interview scripts or checklists in each candidate’s profile
  • Track, report, and download to excel any checklists or profile information
  • Maintain electronic files for each candidate (resumes, credentialing information, etc.)
  • Allow candidate access to Shiftboard for self-scheduling or completing profile questions

Candidate Hiring/Jobboard and Request

With so many of your workers logging into Shiftboard, your company can leverage your own workforce to help fill openings:

  • Specify job details — title, location, hours, pay range, and description
  • Push open positions to other areas of your website or partner sites via RSS feeds