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Labor cost forecasting
in real-time

Shiftboard offers forward-looking reports that provide accurate variable labor cost forecasting based on current schedule status.

Is labor your biggest variable cost?

You need forward-looking visibility on those costs to be able to plan you business.

  • Paycode table to edit paycodes in a single place
  • Assign each employee a standard paycode or an individual override pay rate
  • Assign default labor rates to specific teams (i.e., bartenders vs. servers)
  • Labor cost reports reflect exact rates of each employee
  • Summarize reports by employee or date
  • Cancel positions, change shift lengths — the labor cost reports reflect changes immediately

Tired of missing your margins?

CFOs and Presidents generally don’t like surprises. That’s why forward-looking labor cost visibility is worth far more than backward-looking payroll reports.

  • Report on any future date range (tomorrow, next week, next 3-day event, etc.)
  • See labor forecast totals by client or internal department (general ledger)
  • Enter revenue forecasts and margin targets to flag out-of-band labor costs
  • Compare forecasts to payroll actuals by linking data with our Web Services API