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Have you been thinking more about
employee self-service?

Shiftboard was designed to involve and engage staff.

It’s easy to use and always up-to-date. For self-service, it’s hands down the best in the business.

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Self-service is more than just scheduling work online and letting employees review positions following the rules which you define — Months from now, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

What our customers have said about self-service with Shiftboard:

Our contractors are actually happier in their jobs now because they have more control. Shiftboard has turned into a competitive advantage.”
—Josh Welborn
Welborn Relief Agency

Students pick up shifts at 1 or 2 in the morning. I now have kids who are frustrated they don’t get events because they wait until the last minute. They learn quickly, because the schedules fill up fast.”
—Stephanie White
University of California-Berkeley

Drivers really like it because now they can tell us their status with a couple of clicks instead of faxing. Shiftboard has allowed us to work easier and smarter.”
—Mike Moraski
Delivery Express

Operators can print their own schedules, and open shifts get filled within 1-3 days, which is a huge improvement.”
—Trish Marquis
Associated Order Processors

Shiftboard was a revelation for us.”

—Gloria Campbell
Los Angeles Film Festival

The full potential of Shiftboard real-time online scheduling system is realized when filling open shifts.’
—Michael Recupito
Security Dynamics Corp.

What’s really nice is that the onus is now on the students to sign up and attend. They have the tools, whether they choose to use them or not. If they choose not to, then so be it.”
—Justin Longsworth Jaeger
Michigan State University

It’s a paradigm shift. We’ve gone from a system where we assigned everyone their service times, to one where our deacons sign up when and where they are available. That was something I did not even conceive of before Shiftboard.”
—Jeremy Watkins
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Top 10 Reasons:
How Self-Service can benefit your business

10. You actually gain more control over your scheduling, not lose it (a common fear).
Your organization can move to “managing by exception” rather than a fire-drill assigning, changing, and re-assigning every shift.

9. The favorite game of “play pinata with the scheduler” will abruptly end.
With self-service, if an employee does not get desired shifts there’s only one person to blame... and it’s not the scheduler!

8. Self service is not all or nothing (another common fear).
You can assign critical shifts to your best folks for quality control, but let some other shifts be picked up to save time. And of course those open shifts will only be seen by a hand-picked list that you select. So dip your toe in at first.

7. You can re-subscribe to the morning paper.
Why? Because the system was working for you all night. More than 30% of the millions of shifts in Shiftboard are picked up between 7pm and 7am, when you are not at your desk. Come morning, you can quickly glance at how much of your schedule filled overnight while doing the daily crossword. Or would you rather still be returning those 20+ voicemails?

6. Workers only see shifts they are qualified to pick up, and you decide what shifts they are qualified for.
Remember that “losing control” fear? We’re slaying that dragon here, so hop aboard.

5. Your best performers rise quickly to the top.
The most organized, diligent members of your team will inevitably pick up the most shifts (within your overtime restrictions of course). A system that encourages motivated behavior — can it be?

4. You get to be Kevin Costner for a day.
To paraphrase — “If you post it, they will come.” Your folks want to work, so they will pick up shifts. Trust us on that one. You may be worried that your employees won’t pick up the shifts you post — instead, you should worry about all the extra time you will have to grow your business.

3. "You want SPEED?? You can’t handle speed!!”
Why do we keep quoting early 90’s movies? (remember Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men"?) You’ll be amazed how fast things happen in the self-service scheduling world. We routinely hear about 1,000 shifts picked up in an hour. We’ve seen 50,000 go in a day. Buckle up.

2. Your company might become more competitive without needing to pay higher rates.
More employees today need flexibility in their schedule to work a second job, care for an aging parent, go back to school, or raise a family. Having some control over their schedule is worth more to many than an extra few dollars per shift. Plus, you can be faster and more responsive to your clients. Wow.

1. The Rolling Stones and The Who can retire.
With both bands touring in their 60’s, something must replace them as a counter-culture icon soon! Could it be employees scheduling some of their time for you?