Registration: Sundance Institute Volunteers SFF Utah 2021 (January 21- January 31, 2021)

Hello! Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Sundance Film Festival! Our Volunteer Resources Department offers volunteer positions based on skills and position availability. These stipulations apply to both New and Alumni volunteers. Before submitting your application with the form below, please review the program details of the upcoming Festival here.

First, we need to cover a few main questions to check your eligibility to volunteer:

* required field
APPLICANT INFORMATION: Please provide your legal name as it appears on a valid identification.

U.S. County
Have you previously volunteered for the Sundance Institute (This includes: previous festivals, NEXT Fest, London, Hong Kong, Labs and unpaid internships)?
 Yes  No
If yes, list the last year you participated, in what program and in what role you participated
How did you hear about volunteering for Sundance?
* Have you volunteered for a film festival/large-scale event before?
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If yes, in what role and at what festival/event?
* What is your gender expression?
* Do you identify as Transgender?
* Birthdate

We require that all of our volunteers are at least 18 years old.

Can you confirm you are 18+?
What is your current occupation?
* Are you involved in the Film Industry in any capacity?
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If yes, please explain how you are affiliated with the film industry:
Are you currently a student enrolled at a university or college?
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If yes, what school do you currently attend?
What are you studying?
* Why are you interested in volunteering for the Sundance institute? (If you are alumni, what is it that keeps you coming back)?


* Please select the program for which you are applying

(Keep in mind, volunteer requirements, scheduling, and benefits are very different. Read more below. We only allow you to apply for one volunteer-type as the options are very different, but we will give you the option to be considered for other volunteer types later in the application.)


Full Time Volunteer: Requirements


80+ Hours Volunteer (Pre-assigned Schedule)


- Work a pre-assigned schedule

- On average, 7-8 hour shifts

- Work 10 or more days (every day of the Festival)

- Additional training days required


Full Time VolunteerBenefits

- Receive photo credential with unlimited access to films (via volunteer waitlist line) when not on shift.

- One (1) Awards Night Party ticket (non-transferable)


Sign Up Volunteer: Requirements


24+ Hours Volunteer (Flexible Schedule)

-Choose your shifts, sign up for shifts totaling a minimum of 24 hours
-On average, 7-8 hour shifts
-1-2 training sessions recommended


Sign Up Volunteer: Benefits
-Receive non-photo credential and voucher for every 4 hours worked. Each voucher is redeemable for a ticket to a film via the volunteer waitlist line or the general waitlist line.



Lodging in the Park City area during the Festival can be expensive and difficult to secure. Some Full-time volunteers are eligible for Festival-provided lodging but space is limited and it is not guaranteed for any volunteers. When selecting Full-Time volunteers for Festival provided lodging, we give priority to volunteers who have been with the Festival for a number of years, but this still does not guarantee lodging. Please note that if you have received Festival-provided lodging in the past you are not guaranteed to receive it again in the future. (Keep in mind Festival lodging is not glamorous - often it is a sofa sleeper in a common room or may be dorm-style accommodations)


Half-Fest, Sign-Up, and Utah residents *are not* eligible for Festival provided lodging.


All new volunteers that apply as a Full-Time volunteer are not typically eligible for lodging. Exceptions do happen (although extremely rare) and are due to last-minute cancellations and/or specialized volunteer roles for which they have the necessary skills.


Please note, volunteers are not allowed to stay with friends in Festival-provided lodging unless they are assigned to that lodging by the Festival. Anyone found breaking lodging policy will no longer be eligible for festival lodging and may not be welcome to volunteer at the festival.


* Are you a resident of Utah staying in your own home?
 Yes  No
* Do you have secured lodging in or around the Park City area?
 Yes  No
Lodging Address: Ex. ABC Hotel, 825 Thayne Ave, Park City
Dates of Lodging: ex. 8/5/2016 to 8/10/2016

* Please choose one of the following:

Please select the city in which you would be most interested in working (Park City and Salt Lake City house the majority of volunteer opportunities)
Please select the departments for which you would be interested in volunteering:
Refer to: To read more about the departments prior to selecting, please click here.
Return to previous role
Corporate Relations
Creative Services (Content Production)
Artist Relations
Guest Relations
Headquarters Assistance
Information Services
Merchandise Information
Music Cafe
New Frontier
Media Relations
Filmmaker Lodge
Technology Services (IT)
Theatre Box Office
Theatre Operations
Transportation Liaison
Works Crew
Volunteer FLEX
Festival Co-Op
Willing to do any role assigned (inside or outside)!
* Are you interested in being considered for a Management Volunteer Position? These positions are full-time and limited in number, but applying for them will not cancel out your eligibility for a general volunteer position
 Yes  No

If you selected YES, please fill out the following:

Which department are you interested in having a management position in?
Have you managed people in an event or festival-like environment in the past?
 Yes  No
Please explain the event/position you held as a manager. Be sure to include your responsibilities and how many people you managed:


Please indicate your level of skill/experience/expertise for each item below:

* Highly Organized
* Interacting with public in professional settings
* Detail Oriented
* Public Speaking
* Ability to Handle High Pressure Situations

* Independent Worker
* Team Player
* Can Stand for Long Periods of Time
* Impervious to Cold
* Event Operations Experience
* Customer Service
* Film Festival Experience

* Ticketing Systems
* Cash Handling
* AV Equipment
Are there any skills you would like to tell us about? (This is your opportunity to provide additional skills not listed above or elaborate on the ones you selected)
* Are you willing to do physical labor as part of volunteering?
 Yes  No
* Are you willing to drive as part of volunteering?
 Yes  No
What foreign languages do you speak fluently?
Anything else we should know?

* Emergency Contact
* Emergency Contact Relationship
* Emergency Phone

In an effort to better understand and serve our constituents, we are asking all applicants to complete the following question regarding ethnicity. The answers you provide do not in any way influence your candidacy. Results will not be sold to unaffiliated third parties.

What is the highest grade/level/school that you have completed?
What is your race and/or ethnic origin?

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We appreciate your time and interest. Upon submission, you will receive an email confirming we have received your application. If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact us at 435-776-7870

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