Registration: Sundance Institute Volunteers SFF Utah 2023 (January 19 - January 29, 2023)

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Sundance Film Festival! By completing this application, you are agreeing to be flexible, communicative, and patient with the Volunteer Resources Team throughout our process. Due to the nature of the Festival, please understand that details and needs may still be in the process of being finalized and everything is subject to change.

Please note that applying to be a Volunteer does not guarantee you will be offered placement. Applications are assessed by the Volunteer Resources Team based on your answers to our required questions, experience, and general availability. Our application will remain open until all volunteer positions have been filled.

Before completing your volunteer application, please ensure you have reviewed our APPLICATION CHECKLIST and associated information.

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APPLICANT INFORMATION: Please provide your legal name as it appears on a valid identification.

U.S. County
* What is your gender expression?
* Do you identify as Transgender?
* Birthdate

We require that all of our volunteers are at least 18 years old.

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Are you a resident of Utah staying in your own home?
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* Are you interested in being considered for a Management Volunteer Position? These positions are full-time and limited in number, but applying for them will not cancel out your eligibility for a general volunteer position
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* Are you involved in the Film Industry in any capacity?
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Are you currently a student enrolled at a university or college?
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Why are you inspired to volunteer for the Festival and what are your expectations of what your volunteer experience will look like with us this season?

Please select the VOLUNTEER TYPE and commitment level for which you are applying:

Every volunteer is required to select a VOLUNTEER TYPE (in-person or online) and a COMMITMENT LEVEL (full-time or part-time) in preparation for prospective placement. Please read the information in its entirety to understand which track you are signing up for as you will only be able to apply for one (with limited to no flexibility to switch between online or in-person once your application is submitted). Keep in mind that requirements, scheduling, trainings, and benefits all vary based on what type and commitment level is chosen.


VOLUNTEER TYPE: limited to no flexibility to adjust volunteer type once application is submitted
-In-Person (Park City, Salt Lake City, or Sundance Resort)
-Online (Remote and responsible for providing own computer equipment and stable internet)

COMMITMENT LEVEL: some flexibility to adjust commitment level once application is submitted
*Required trainings for all based on type, commitment level, and role placement

-Your volunteer coordinator will assign you a shift every day of the Festival
- On average these roles fall between January 19 to January 30. *Required trainings and shifts outside of this date range is role dependent and subject to change.
-On average, 7-8 hour shifts each day assigned
-Approximate 80 hour schedule across 11 days of the Festival

-Your volunteer coordinator will assign you a shift for approximately 6 consecutive days of the Festival
-On average these roles fall between January 19 to January 26. *Required trainings and shifts outside of this date range is role dependent and subject to change.
-On average, 7-8 hour shifts each day assigned
-Approximate 40-48 hour schedule across 6 consecutive days of the Festival

-On the designated “Sign Up Days”, you will log in and select shifts posted across all Festival days that are available within your role placement
-On average, 6-8 hour shifts
-32 hour minimum total in collective shift hours must be met


It is important that the Volunteer Resources team understands the logistics of where you will be based when assessing role eligibility and placement. Volunteer applicants with secured lodging are eligible to be placed in roles during late Fall and typically receive communication from Volunteer Coordinators regarding their placement status sooner.

Despite our team's ability to provide lodging in very small quantities in previous years, the opportunity to provide lodging for volunteers this season is extremely limited*. Please keep in mind that whether you are providing your own lodging or not you are still responsible for transportation to and from your shift location.

*Part Time volunteers and Utah residents ARE NOT eligible for Festival provided lodging. Part Time volunteers must have secured lodging to be eligible for role placement. 


Online Volunteers: Please respond to the required questions accordingly and enter "N/A' as needed.

Lodging Address: Ex. ABC Hotel, 825 Thayne Ave, Park City
Dates of Lodging: ex. 8/5/2016 to 8/10/2016

* Please choose one of the following to help our team assess your role eligibility:

Please select the areas for which you would be interested in volunteering:
Refer to: To read more about volunteer areas prior to selecting, please click here.
Info Services Support
Hands-On Support
Industry Support
Office Support
Online (Remote)
Theatre Operations
Venue/Events Support
Volunteer Resources Support
Willing to do any role in UT (Inside or Outside)!

If you selected YES, please fill out the following:


Regardless of volunteer type selected, please rate your level of experience/comfortability for each skill set using the key below:

0 = Almost Never True/Not at all/Not Applicable
1 = Rarely True/Not likely/Novice
2 = Occasionally True/Very Little/Advanced Beginner
3 = Often True/Somewhat/Competent
4 = Usually True/To a Great Extent/Proficient
5 = Almost Always True/Expert

* Highly Organized
* Detail Oriented
* Public Speaking
* Ability to Handle High Pressure Situations
* Team Player
* Initiative & Adaptability
* Multitasking (fast paced environments)
* Impervious to Cold
* Willingness to be flexible on shift?
* Customer Service

* Comfortability with VR equipment
* Problem Solving
* Access to operational computer equipment and stable internet?

Please select a level that best describes your technology proficiency based off of the key located here. Please also note that if you are selected for a role based on the level you assigned yourself and are unable to perform the majority of the duties and/or responsibilities asked of you, it may affect future placement and/or your status with the Volunteer Resources Team.

* Level
* Are you willing to drive as part of volunteering?
 Yes  No
* Are you willing to do physical labor as part of volunteering?
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What foreign languages do you speak and write fluently?
Do you have anything else you'd like to share that might help us better place you in a volunteer role?

* Emergency Contact Relationship

In an effort to better understand and serve our constituents, we are asking all applicants to complete the following question regarding ethnicity. The answers you provide do not in any way influence your candidacy. Results will not be sold to unaffiliated third parties.

What is the highest grade/level/school that you have completed?

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