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Volunteers are required to turn in the following forms at check-in for their first shift. You must print out and complete the emergency medical release, waiver of liability, and (if you are under the age of 18) parental consent forms and arrive to your first shift with them. Alternately, you can email completed forms in advance of your shift to

Forms can be downloaded now or at a later time:

Waiver of Liability Form

Emergency Medical Release Form

Parental Consent Form

* required field

* How did you hear about the Solar Decathlon?
* Do you work for an official Solar Decathlon 2017 event sponsor?
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If so, please indicate sponsor name:
* Date of Birth:
* Have you been involved with the Solar Decathlon before?
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If so, in what role/capacity?
* Will you be under the age of 18 between October 4 and 19, 2015?
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T-Shirt Size


Volunteers may be required to stand or walk for long periods of time or lift heavy objects. In an attempt to make sure we do not assign tasks to volunteers who are unable to fulfill those duties, we need to know whether you have any limitations that would hinder your ability to perform the following functions. Are you UNABLE to:

Stand or walk for long periods of time (check box):
Lift 25 Ibs or more (check box):

* Emergency contact name and relationship #1:
* Emergency contact's home or mobile number:

Thank you for your interest!
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