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Shiftboard's onling scheduling provides customizable mobile and online work scheduling portals, human resource coordination tools, and authorized calendars for contractors, employee availability, interns and volunteer teams. Shiftboard excels in healthcare, not-for profit, events, radio, festivals and staffing industries.

Powered for business, Shiftboard offers a great collection of online workforce functionality, communications and availability management tools for contractors, employees, interns and other part-time or seasonal workers.

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Shiftboard is being used within many different environments, organizations and industries such as volunteer scheduling, event scheduling, school scheduling, medical scheduling and retail scheduling.


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Frequently Asked Questions about using Shiftboard for online scheduling, recruiting and management.

Lots of flexibility comes with Shiftboard for organizations of all sizes. Whether it's 5 people or 5, 0000, Shiftboard has No License Fees, No Software Installs, and No Maintenance, Yearly Fees, or other hidden costs.

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web-based scheduling software

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