After a number of high-profile incidences, the American Petroleum Institute introduced the RP 755 rules as employee fatigue prevention guidelines for the refining and petrochemical industries.

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PHMSA’s CFR 49 states that pipeline operators need to schedule their shifts in a manner that allows each controller enough off-duty time to achieve 8 hours of continuous sleep.

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With the new second edition of API’s RP 755 guidelines coming out, petroleum and petrochemical companies will need to find how to best manage these changes. Also, the USW has now mandated all its facilities to have a fatigue risk management system (FRMS) in place within a year.

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Demystifying and managing API’s RP 755 guidelines is a challenge for most oil and gas companies.

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While global petroleum companies invest heavily in capital assets such as infrastructure and machinery, they can forget about their most valuable asset: their employees. Shell Oil recognized a need to increase workforce safety through fatigue management, while reducing labor costs for thousands of employees.

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Boardwalk Pipeline Partners who manage 24M barrels of natural gas moved away from labor-intensive spreadsheet and pen and paper scheduling to software that cuts in half their time spent on scheduling.

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