UC Berkeley

Each month, University of California Berkeley’s Athletic (Cal) ticket office management fills hundreds of slots with student workers. Inconsistent student availability, a 20-hour-per-student limit, and frequent event schedule changes added to the complexity. After switching to Shiftboard Cal can now easily schedule 2000+ events a year with student workers.

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SIFF Case Study

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), a 25-day annual festival with 600 screening events requires coordination across a dozen venues throughout the city. In addition, SIFF Cinema exhibits premiere theatrical engagements and film showings 365 days a year at three different venues, reaching an audience of more than 300,000 viewers every year. Using Shiftboard SIFF has been able to successfully schedule 4,500 positions each year.

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Wellness Corporate Solutions Case Study

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) provides health screenings, health coaching, flu vaccines, and comprehensive employee wellness programs to clients ranging from small law firms to Fortune 100 companies. WCS staffs these events with a nationwide network of highly skilled, mobile healthcare professionals. After switching to Shiftboard, WCS has been able to manage events more efficiently and provide even more attention to each client.

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Living Resources, a world-class care facility for those with developmental disabilities, adopted Shiftboard to solve their schedule complexities. Focusing on schedule automation, overtime reduction, and workforce transparency, Living Resources reduced their labor costs and improved their scheduling methodology.

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Koch Case Study

Koch Industries conducts an annual, complex HR recruiting campaign at universities throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Phone and voicemail, excel spreadsheets, and inadequate scheduling tools left the recruiters overwhelmed. Shiftboard simplified their system by storing all recruiting information in one place, automating tasks, and providing visibility through detailed reports.

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Praetorian Security Case Study

Praetorian USA specializes in providing exceptional event staff and security services at venues of all shapes and sizes. With 800 contractors at 130+ locations, Praetorian was increasingly overwhelmed with the event staffing complexities required to staff over 400 events every year. Using Shiftboard, Praetorian was able to streamline its operation while growing its business by 150%.

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Bloodworks Northwest Case Study

Bloodworks Northwest (BWNW) supplies blood and lab services for three states. Their dispersed operation involves scheduling a scattered and diverse volunteer base for positions requiring a variety of skills and certifications across a wide geographical area. Using Shiftboard, BWNW is able to coordinate 3,000 active volunteers across 12 regions.

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MakerFaire Case Study

Maker Faire is a festival that has been called “The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth.” The event’s broad appeal resulted in exponential growth-expanding from a one-city event with 22,000 attendees in 2006 to a bi-coastal festival with 235,000+ visitors just a decade later. Using Shiftboard, Maker Faire was also able to reduce their event management and scheduling admin time by 70%

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