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Shiftboard Partner Programs

Strategic partnership programs
with cloud-based workforce management and scheduling

Drive Revenue  Are your customers asking for online scheduling capabilities or workforce content interfaces? Can you offer a flexible, cloud-based scheduling solution to broaden your services or product offering?

Shiftboard has established a highly-scalable, cloud-based scheduling and workforce management platform to support the service-level and technical needs of development partners. We have an open Application Programming Interface (API), test tools, and documentation to make it easy to integrate. For sales engineering, we also have the enterprise experience necessary to assist with your most important customer requirements.

  • Publishers, Software, Web
    A web standards-based Shiftboard API makes it easy for software innovators to directly tap into real-time Shiftboard transactions and data. Adding new work-flows, content feeds, or scheduling functionality to your product is easier than you think.
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  • Hardware & Device Products
    There is no better way to differentiate products within the hardware and device marketplace than with proven, scalable, and secure cloud-based solutions. Find out how you can diversify and extend your offerings to include real-time workforce management, time and attendance, and rich personnel data-dependent functionality. Learn More
  • Service and Technology Providers
    Expand your Software as a Service (SaaS) integration, training, and support practice to include subscription-based workforce management, labor forecasting, and real-time, self-service Bottoms-UpTM scheduling applications from the cloud.
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