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Shiftboard Pricing

Monthly Subscription — No annual fees.
No software needed. No license required. No hidden fees.

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Small/Medium Business (1-250 active users)

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Online Scheduling Software Pricing

Small/Medium Business
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Large Enterprises (250+ active users)

Contact us about planning and budgeting your Professional or Enterprise Edition.

Shiftboard can scale for large organizations that have thousands of workers needing regular access to fully interactive scheduling, extended personal profiles, preferences, shift management, end-to-end communications, and reporting.

Value Pricing

  • Quick Start plan for small businesses
  • Flexible rates for seasonal staff and scheduling
  • Large organization? — Start with a pilot
  • Excellent for contractors and seasonal workers

No lock-in contract periods

  • Month-to-month pricing
  • Experience Shiftboard's value in the first 30 days
  • Our system must measure up — every month

Pricing that works with you

Many of our customers work with seasonal and temporary staff, or have other flexible arrangements that may vary by month or time of year.

With Shiftboard, our monthly rates are based on the number of "Active Users", people who sign-in to do work or those with one or more confirmed shifts on the calendar during the month, NOT just everyone in your Shiftboard database!

This means you can recruit and register everyone: your people, your contractors, seasonal and temporary workers, and your team coordinators — but still only pay for bottom-line business value.

"We were able to shut down our membership drive a day early because of making our goal. Shiftboard has been a godsend for us."
Program Director, KBCS 91.3 FM (Seattle)

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