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Employee Scheduling Software

Transform scheduling and control costs
with online employee scheduling software

Do you rely on part-time or flex-time employees? Does employee scheduling have the biggest impact on your bottom line? Are you bogged for hours in the day-to-day tactics of scheduling, cancelling, trading shifts, and trying to keep employees in the loop when something changes or new shifts are available?

Shiftboard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) employee scheduling software solution that gives you 24/7 access to your schedules online or from your mobile phone, streamlines communications with your employees and staff, and lets you proactively manage variable labor costs.

  • Call Centers
    For virtual, global and in-house call centers strategic employee scheduling is key to delivering great service, controlling staffing costs and retaining you top agents.
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  • Events and Hospitality
    Sporting events, business conferences, festivals, hotels, theme parks, and casinos… managing your variable labor costs makes the biggest impact on your margins.
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  • Healthcare
    Staffing nurses, pharmacists, or care givers in a hospital or across assisted living and group homes — your staff needs 24/7 access to their schedules online and on their phones.
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  • Security
    Security guards, police, fire, EMT — 24x7 scheduling and communications with emergency and security personnel is critical for public safety and your bottom line.
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  • Volunteer Management
    Improve recruiting, scheduling volunteer rates by making it easy for volunteers to engage with you when and where they’re available.
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  • Business Services
    Security services, drivers, logistics, retail, food and beverage — you need flexibility, real-time visibility, and an easy way to control labor costs.
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