Retail & Employee Scheduling

Save time, get staff scheduled online with web-based and mobile phone scheduling software

Communicating with your retail staff to clarify, change or cover a shift is a constant headache. Enable staff to pick up or trade their own shifts. Managers can get back to focusing on customers and sales.

Shiftboard is a great fit for today’s retail staff. Shiftboard’s online system provides you and your staff 24x7 access to an always up-to-date schedule. Staff can fill in schedules from their mobile phones. Integrated email and SMS⁄text communication keeps everyone informed.

At Shiftboard we have tailored our powerful employee scheduling software to the specific needs and workflows of the retail industry. Shiftboard gives you the best way to:

  • Fill shifts quickly and accurately—ensure every shift is filled by posting schedules and letting employees sign up for their shifts online or from their phone. Or, use the auto-scheduler to auto-assign every shift based on employee availability.
  • Handle shift trading by giving your employees an online way to handle their own changes with as much or as little oversight from management as you’d like.
  • Improve communications with iPhone and mobile features so you can alert employees with SMS texts when schedules change or new shifts are available.
  • Allow employees to update their own availability and stop the guessing game, save time by doing it right the first time.
Shiftboard retail employee scheduling app with a delivery drop-off view
Shiftboard retail employee scheduling software in web browser calendar view
  • Give everyone 24/7 access to the schedule which means fewer missed shifts.
  • Upload multiple shifts at once to the real time calendar, see where you need coverage and who is available to work.
  • Control overhead costs and engage managers in value-add activities instead of bogging them down in the day-to-day tactics of scheduling, canceling, calling, trading shifts, etc.

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