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Employee Scheduling Software for Business Services

Get real-time visibility & control labor costs
with online employee scheduling software

Do variable labor costs squeeze your margins? Does your workforce want more flexibility? Sacrificing valuable time working and re-working schedules means missed opportunities and frustrated employees.

Shiftboard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based employee scheduling software solution that makes it easy to run your business by the numbers, frees managers from manually-intensive and time-consuming schedules, and turns employee scheduling into a competitive differentiator.

At Shiftboard we have created an online employee scheduling software solution designed for businesses that rely on variable, part-time, flex-time and floating staff. Learn more about how clients ranging from driver and logistics companies, to bars and restaurants, to retail stores use Shiftboard to:

  • Eliminate scheduling headaches and engage managers in value-add activities instead of bogging them down in the day-to-day tactics of scheduling, canceling, trading shifts, etc. Shiftboard will increase scheduler productivity, putting time and dollars back into your organization.
  • Run your business by the numbers with real time reports and metrics about your staffing, labor costs and attendance across any date range.
  • Minimize labor costs and bring over time under control with real-time visibility into your labor cost variables such as utilization rates, over time hours, and insight into the cost implications of what is on the schedule BEFORE those hours have been expended.
  • Turn scheduling into a competitive differentiator that enables you to staff more jobs faster- and always with the person with the right skills and qualifications.
  • Improve hiring and retention by giving your workforce more flexibility and control over their schedules. You’ll fill more positions faster and your employees will love it.
  • Integrate time tracking and attendance to compare scheduled vs. actual times and simplify payroll and client billing.

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