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Built to Meet the Challenges of Enterprise Rostering & Management

Shiftboard is a cloud-based employee rostering and workforce management software built for the complexities of scheduling large workforces. The Shiftboard solution closely connects automated rostering with essential workforce management capabilities. These capabilities include time and attendance, applicant tracking, workforce communication, and advanced employee on-boarding. Through the process of strategic rostering, you improve operations and reduce your labour costs. Shiftboard’s rostering and shift management system also helps you improve employee engagement and increase productivity.

Shiftboard’s Customer Impact

Arrow Down 50%

On average, customers see a 50% reduction in time spent on legal compliance processes when using the Shiftboard platform.

Arrow Up $810k

On average, stores using Shiftboard software see a 5% increase in revenue per scheduled employee. For one franchise, this totaled a revenue increase of $810k per year.

Arrow Down 50%

Many customers have seen a 50% reduction in total hours spent on managing and updating their employee schedules.

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The Shiftboard Platform

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Strategic Workforce Scheduling for the Enterprise

Forget spreadsheets, whiteboards, and post-it notes. Shiftboard automates the employee rostering process, allowing you to strategically manage your hourly workforce. Shiftboard allows you to:

  • Forecast resources and quickly build employee rosters
  • Assign the best people to fit the job
  • Adjust your employee work rota in real-time

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Shiftboard communication tools

Improve Employee Engagement & Retention Through Better Communication

Shiftboard staff rostering software helps you engage with your employees by providing a rich set of employee communication tools and self-serve capabilities. Leverage messaging in our rostering app to ensure your employees know exactly when and where they need to be. Quickly connect with employees in real-time with broadcast messages to avoid issues that result in last-minute chaos. Better communication with employees makes shift management and communication much easier.

Time clock and app in Shiftboard

Easily Track Time & Attendance

Shiftboard simplifies employee timekeeping and improves worker accountability with time clock management and time card creation capabilities. Shiftboard is a mobile workforce management software, so employees can clock in and out on their phones.

  • Offer flexible clock-in/clock out options
  • Automate time card creation
  • Create pre-formatted payroll import files

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Our WFM software's reporting capabilities

Make Better Strategic Decisions with
Data-Driven Reporting

With Shiftboard’s extensive library of reports, you quickly view what matters to you to gain actionable insights. Shiftboard reports cover the full spectrum of workforce management. Features include shift data reports, workforce statistics, team information, financial records, timekeeper information, and more. With this information, you are able to create a scheduling and workforce management strategy that works best for your organisation.

Integrations in Shiftboard for better workforce management

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Solutions

Shiftboard seamlessly integrates with hundreds of payroll, HRIS, and time management solutions. From pre-formatted payroll reports and automated file exports to full two-way integrations with HRM systems, Shiftboard has you covered.

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