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Social Expectations Online

In the mid-1990s, people began conducting more of their daily business and social habits online. People bought books at Amazon and collectibles at eBay. They bought tickets online, and they established web-based brokerage and banking accounts.

Today, hundreds of millions of people research health topics, use search engines to find jobs, and read newspapers online. People check traffic and weather conditions, and meet their future spouses online. They double-check their favorite sports teams’ upcoming games and start times online.

We find so many of our customers coming to us saying, “We and our workers want to schedule online. Why can we do so many things via the internet today, and yet we leave untold numbers of voicemails and emails everyday just to schedule open positions?”

At Shiftboard, we create products that address many aspects of scheduling, managing people, communications, mobility, and reporting that work the way people have come to expect when conducting their daily business online — all in a more connected and timely fashion.

We are fundamental believers that expectations around online interaction, community building, and flexible engagement anytime, anywhere, will continue to grow. We know that our customers will need to adapt and meet these expectations, in order to recruit and retain the most capable and skilled workers, expand operations, and remain competitive and relevant within their industries.

“We saw big improvements in time savings... volunteers confirm their own shifts online, and we’re able to streamline communications with everyone.”

—Rachel Ratner
Volunteer Services & Community Outreach Manager
KEXP Radio

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