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The Shiftboard Software Service

Shiftboard, Inc. provides online scheduling as a hosted software service to enable businesses, educational institutions, municipal government departments, and nonprofits to engage, schedule, and manage communications with their workers.

Shiftboard’s unique capability and intellectual property are within its flexible profile information management, notification, and online scheduling "coverage system." This system enables qualified workers to confirm positions online in real time, as well as to be assigned schedules, positions, and other business information. Schedules are always up-to-date, minute-to-minute, which limits additional data entry steps required by schedulers.

As our scheduling service has evolved and our customer base has grown, three core tenants of our product and service have emerged:

Leverage the ubiquity of the internet by publishing information to the appropriate workers and letting that information be selected and/or confirmed by workers at their convenience. When necessary, scheduling information such as positions can always be assigned directly to workers.

Establish a “coverage system” where schedules and mandatory information are always up-to-date. When positions or other information are assigned or confirmed, Shiftboard remains in real-time so everyone sees the right schedule at any moment.

Create a very flexible and easy-to-use set of software tools to manage the many types of business requirements that best fit our customers’ unique and diverse scheduling needs.

Integrated recruiting, communication, scheduling, and reporting

Due to the dynamic environments in which our customers operate, Shiftboard has developed an integrated system encompassing not just scheduling but also communication tools, powerful management reporting, and an integrated online worker database for the constant recruiting needs of many flexible or contingent work-forces with routine turnover.

Shiftboard’s online worker database can be very simple and capture just basic contact information for scheduling needs. On the other end of the spectrum, in industries like healthcare with very detailed medical credentialing requirements, the Shiftboard worker database can be customized to include 50-100 fields per account as well as associated document attachments for licenses, transcripts, certifications, etc.

"Shiftboard has cut our internal man-hours by half. We can handle scheduling twice as many people in the same amount of time."

—Josh Welborn
Owner & Co-Founder
Welborn Relief Agency

Healthcare Staffing Case Study