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Company History

Shiftboard, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a web and mobile scheduling service of Coverage Systems, to provide a new and flexible online software platform that could efficiently manage diverse people, communications, and contracts across multiple locations, all within a chaotic, often critical healthcare staffing environment — and we did this in an engaging way.

From the start, as a competitive service for both staff and management, Shiftboard has provided useful location-based tools, mapping, and other features that went well beyond traditional scheduling and people management. Shiftboard integrates social recruiting, targeted communications, document management, mobility, and our own unique tools to empower the “human network” that exists within every organization.

The challenge has been both exciting and difficult in many ways. We have learned a lot, and have evolved over the years by working with dozens of diverse industries that range from many types of business services, staffing, healthcare, municipal governments, universities, broadcasting, and some of the largest arts, entertainment, and philanthropic organizations nationwide.

Today, organizations that use Shiftboard vary in size from under 25 people to nearly 10,000 people. Our customers conduct scheduling and people management operations within a majority of timezones and countries around the globe. Through our growth and rapid adaptation, one thing has not changed: we continue to deliver rewarding, easy-to-use online scheduling tools for people of all ages, educational backgrounds, technical affinities, and occupational levels.

“There are other software packages used by comparable large events that are very expensive, usually at least a million dollar IT investment. I think Shiftboard can compete well with those at very reasonable cost and without the complex IT infrastructure.”

—Erin Faherty
Director of Volunteer Services
2010 World Equestrian Games

Event Scheduling Case Study