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Philosophies Behind Our Products

The Shiftboard software service is evolving with the times — it constantly improves through requirements driven primarily through existing customers and from our own internal research and development groups.

Underlying the various features and functions, however, lie some core philosophies that do not change and help to differentiate our ability to deliver the best value to our customers and in the most cost-effective manner.

Worker Empowerment

A primary objective of Shiftboard’s earliest customers was to recruit the best, highly skilled contract staff and to be easier to do business for a flexible contract worker.

Like many flexible workers, skilled healthcare contractors including Anesthetists, CRNAs, Radiologists, RNs, and Pharmacists often have multiple organizations for which to work. Hence, an online system that empowered workers to manage their own time by selecting optimal positons and locations while allowing the most control and forward-looking visibility over personal schedules would be the differentiator when recruiting new contractors and retaining them longer.

In competitive industries such as healthcare staffing where annual worker turnover often runs above 25%, happier workers and better retention rates can change the entire profile of a business as much or even more than gaining incremental operational efficiency. Empowering workers and enabling organizations to have more direct and clear communications with their workforce has remained a core foundation of our entire product offering.

Ease of Use

Most people are not "techies."

More to the point, Shiftboard clients and workers do not need to be technical experts to work with our products. The Shiftboard product design requirement states that "people who use email or a web browser can immediately use Shiftboard when they first sign-in, without any training.”

Intuitive screens and easy-to-use software do not come easily, but rather, they evolve through countless hours working to understand what does and does not work for a wide variety of people under various conditions. Product usability comes only through attention to detail and constant, incremental improvement.

Web-based Products

Shiftboard delivers all service products via the internet without any software or hardware installation required. By using software-as-a-service (SaaS), our customers instantly leverage the most useful, flexible, cost-effective, and reliable way to get started and operate more efficiently.

Because Shiftboard is entirely web-based using a secure, scalable systems architecture, our customers get a running start immediately and are never required to purchase or maintain expensive machines, software licenses, security upgrades or other overhead. Our hosted, multi-tenant systems also allow us to seamlessly manage backups, security and overall on-demand scalability. All services are always up-to-date.

“I can plan the schedule for the month, then do everything else I am supposed to be doing instead of coordinating schedules. It is a huge time savings for me.”

—Sara Wuellner
CHEERS Coordinator
The University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health

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