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Shift Availability
* Volunteers are asked to work three shifts, one shift per day. Please select which days you ARE available to volunteer:
Monday, May 1 - Morning shift from 7am to 1pm
Monday, May 1 - Evening shift from 5pm to 11pm
Tuesday, May 2 - Morning shift from 7am to 1pm
Tuesday, May 2 - Afternoon shift from 1pm to 5pm
Wednesday, May 3 - Morning shift from 7am to 1pm
Wednesday, May 3 - Afternoon shift from 1pm to 5pm
Thursday, May 4 - Morning shift from 7am to 1pm
Thursday, May 4 - Afternoon shift from 1pm to 5pm

Volunteer Team Preference

Volunteer Teams are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We take all volunteers preferences into consideration when we assign shifts. Unfortunately due to a limited number of positions per volunteer team we are unable to guarantee that you will be assigned to one of your three preferred volunteer teams. Even though you are selecting three volunteer team preferences volunteers are assigned to one specific team for their three shifts. Please indicate the top three volunteer teams you'd like to volunteer with.

Role Descriptions    


Registration Team  

Assist our registration team in providing all Collision attendees with their accreditation both prior and during the event, and managing the crowds during this process.


Volunteer Support Team  

Assist the Volunteer Team in registering volunteers, checking volunteers into their shifts and distributing lunch packs to volunteers.


Response Team  

By joining this team, you will get a great sense for of what all roles entail and will be supporting multiple teams over the course of the event.

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* 3rd Preference

* Would you be interested in a team leader position at Collision? This will involve longer shifts and more responsibility.
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Support Needs, Access Requirements & Emergency Contacts

Please give us the details of the person you would like to contact in case of an emergency.

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* You must be fluent in spoken English to volunteer at Collision. By ticking the below, you are confirming that you have the required level of spoken English.

Thank you for your interest!

Please note: Shift Patterns are arranged to allow you to enjoy as much of the events as possible, where possible, but also reflects the needs of the event.




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