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Tuesday Oct 3. Evening 4-8
Wednesday Oct. 4 Morning 9-12
Wednesday Oct. 4 Afternoon 12-4
Wednesday Oct. 4 Evening 4-8
Wednesday Oct 4. Night 8-12
Thursday Oct. 5 Morning 9-12
Thursday Oct. 5 Afternoon 12-4
Thursday Oct. 5 Evening 4-8
Thursday Oct. 5 Night 8-12
Friday Oct. 6 Morning 9-12
Friday Oct. 6 Afternoon 12-4
Friday Oct. 6 Evening 4-8
Friday Oct. 6 Night 8-12
Saturday Oct. 7 Morning 9-12
Saturday Oct. 7 Afternoon 12-4
Saturday Oct. 7 Evening 4-8
Saturday Oct. 7 Night 8-12
Sunday Oct. 8 Morning 9-12
Sunday Oct. 8 Afternoon 12-4
Sunday Oct. 8 Evening 4-8
Sunday Oct. 8 Night 8-12

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