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Case Studies:
Public Charities

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volunteer self scheduling

Volunteer Self Scheduling

Recognized as the leader in jazz creation, education, and overall experience, SFJAZZ uses Shiftboard to schedule volunteers who offer a wealth of year round programs with their largest event being the San Francisco Jazz Festival held every fall... (more)

Volunteer self scheduling Volunteer Self Scheduling (Download)

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Sports / Food Service
Kids First Booster Club

Kids First Booster Club uses Shiftboard web-based scheduling to coordinate schedules for parent volunteers, providing food services at major Indiana sporting events where proceeds support arts, dance, and sports programs for kids... (more)

Event Management Case Study Event Management (Download)

volunteer scheduling


KEXP Radio, based in Seattle, Washington, uses Shiftboard web based scheduling to coordinate 1,800+ volunteer workers for fundrasing, community outreach, and broadcasting operations throughout the year, in local and remote markets across the country... (more)

Volunteer Scheduling Case Study Volunteer Scheduling (Download)

event scheduling

Event Management
Seattle International Film Festival

As the largest independent film festival in the U.S., the Seattle International Film Festival uses Shiftboard web-based scheduling to schedule 600 volunteers and 100 paid staff to cover 4,500 shifts during a 3-week period each year... (more)

Event Scheduling Case Study
Event Scheduling (Download)

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Church Volunteer Management
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church (JFBC), one of the largest churches in the Atlanta area, uses Shiftboard web based scheduling to coordinate 5 Sunday services, and activities throughout each week, among 150 deacons and 10 support staff... (more)

Shift Scheduling Case Study Shift Scheduling (Download)

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