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university scheduling

University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC), School of Public Health

University Research

The UIC School of Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division, used Shiftboard scheduling software to manage a people-intensive water quality research project over 5 months in the greater Chicago area... (more)

University Scheduling Case Study University Scheduling (Download)

university scheduling

Green Valley Elementary School

Elementary School Volunteers

Green Valley Elementary school uses Shiftboard to schedule parent volunteers for everything from weekly field trips to annual fundraising events... (more)

School Volunteer Scheduling Case Study School Volunteer Scheduling (Download)

Sporting Events Staff Management

California Athletics

Sporting Events Staff Management

The University of California Berkeley’s Athletic Department uses Shiftboard to coordinate ticket sales and other personnel requirements year-round for all of the university’s NCAA Division I athletic events.... (more)

Sporting Events Staff Management Case Study Sporting Events Staff Management (Download)