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Nurse Staffing Agency: Contactor Scheduling: Ford Healthcare Systems

Ford Healthcare Systems (FHS), owned and operated by Jeanette and Dan Ford, is a nurse staffing firm headquartered in Chappell, Nebraska. The business began by covering a small area in western Nebraska but has grown to support clients in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota. FHS currently staffs 90-110 shifts per week with roughly 100 employees, which include RNs, LPNs, and CNAs providing services to hospitals and other facilities.

The Challenge

Jeanette, a CNA herself, had always done the scheduling on a whiteboard at the office, with color-coded markers for different clients and facilities.

“I really liked my whiteboard, but none of the employees could see it out in the field,” Jeanette said. “It became a bigger communication problem as the size of the team grew.”

Then FHS decided to expand into Wyoming, which meant more employees with whom to communicate, a new recruiting effort, and more complex nurse scheduling requirements. Dan began searching for an online nurse staff scheduling system which could provide:

Shiftboard’s Nurse Scheduling Software

FHS began using Shiftboard in March 2009. Shiftboard provides a web-based nurse scheduling system that meets all of their needs with no IT requirements.

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“Our employees really like receiving reminders and printing their schedules at home,” Jeanette said. “I also can go in to any account and see an employee’s schedule for the week or the month, which is really helpful.”

Jeanette also began using the system for recruiting. Instead of filling out a paper-based application, candidates now use a Shiftboard-powered web registration form, which captures key information and populates Shiftboard with no data entry required.

  • An always up-to-date view of the schedule — accessible from any browser by everyone or by a scheduler — where workers could confirm shifts themselves at desired days and times
  • Integrated schedule reporting to summarize employee and client hours each billing cycle
  • An easy-to-use system, since FHS employees had a broad range of computer literacy

“I can call references and review backgrounds, basically get past the first step of accepting or rejecting them, before having to take the time to meet with them,” Jeanette said. “It saves me a lot of time, which I really like.”

Dan Ford runs billing and payroll along with business development and client services. “Every Monday I print off reports of how many hours for how many facilities,” he said. “I use these for billing statements, and for summaries of hours by employee to double-check the hours they are calling in. The built-in reporting has made it really handy for me.”