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Our active recruitment for this semester has closed, but all applications received will be kept for future consideration.

Audience Services

Audience Services is responsible for customer service and patron relations for events in every CPA venue. Employees must be willing to work at least 15 hours/week, be able to lift and carry 30 pounds and stand for shifts lasting 3-6 hours. 

Production Staff

Technicians sets up, runs, and strikes performances in every CPA venue. Employees must be willing to work 20 hours/week, be able to lift and carry 40 pounds, and be comfortable with heights.


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Please download the following pdf, open it in an Adobe Acrobat program, and fill it out using the comment tools provided. Block out times that you are NOT available due to recurring classes, clubs, or other conflicts. Once you have marked off unavailable times, save the document, and re-upload it using the field above titled "Application Availability".

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What do you hope to attain from employment with CPA?

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