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Position Descriptions

Administrative Associate

Administrative Associates staff the reception desk in CPA’s administrative office in Porthole Building. Employees must be available to work during standard business hours (9am-5pm M-F), for at least 8 hours/week.

Artistic Associate

Artistic Associates assist with artist hospitality, transportation, and administrative duties as assigned. Night/weekend availability and a valid driver’s license are required. This position does not qualify for Work Study.

Development Associate

Development Associates assist with fundraising events and provide administrative support to the Development team.

House Staff

House staff is responsible for customer service and patron relations for events in every CPA venue. Employees must be willing to work at least 15 hours/week, be able to lift and carry 30 pounds, and stand for shifts lasting 3-6 hours.

Tech Staff

Tech staff sets up, runs, and strikes performances in every CPA venue. Employees must be willing to work 20 hours/week, be able to lift and carry 40 pounds, and be comfortable with heights.

Ticket Services

Ticket Services Staff processes ticketing orders and provides general customer service to all patrons. Employees must be available for a minimum of 10 hours/week.

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