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We are using a system for applications and scheduling called Shiftboard. You will be responsible for choosing your own schedule. Please check below to agree with creating your own schedule and selecting times that suit your needs.
We love co-creating Canada's Yoga Festival with friends, and using Shiftboard as our scheduling platform you can sign up to work with your friend(s) too! If you have a friend(s) you are looking to coordinate schedules with you can! Simply sign up for the same shifts when creating your volunteer schedules. However, it is your responsibility to align with them. Please check below to agree with coordinating your own schedule and selecting times that suit your needs.
You are a co-creator! Volunteers are the most valuable asset to our event. We depend on you to be on time and to participate fully as a volunteer. Be aware that absence, poor work ethic, or lateness for your volunteer shifts may cause your privileges to be revoked. We reserve the right to charge you up to and including the full cost of your complimentary 4 - day Canada?s Weekend Pass. If you are unable to complete your required 16 hours, you will be charged for the full cost of the 4 - day Canada?s Yoga Festival Weekend Pass. Please check below to confirm your understanding of Emerge Festival Inc. and our policies.
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