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BurlyCon collects gender, language, and race data specifically for the purpose of applying for grants. The content of the gender choices is from the Human Rights Campaign and the race choices are based on United States Census data.

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Brains - These positions require your brain to be engaged! Data entry, Registration desk staffing, and other detail-oriented tasks.

Errand Runners - Errand runners have access to a car and will go on scheduled errand runs out in the wide world. Must be comfortable handling and accounting for cash, and some moderate lifting.

Floaters - Floaters can be assigned to anything! We might need an extra hand in Hospitality, or our Data Entry volunteer didn't show up, or something else entire. Expect the unexpected as a floater.

Hospitality Superstars - These shifts are all in Hospitality and the Bar, setting up, cleaning up, preparing food, being friendly and social, and making Hospitality awesome!

Security - Security volunteers take longer shifts - 6 hours on average. Security volunteers act as bouncers at entrances to events, hall monitors to help keep things running smoothly, and eyes and ears to protect our attendees, vendors, and staff. Security or related experience requested.

Set-Up Squad - These shifts require lots of moving and lifting of stuff, as well as an eye for decoration. Setting up and cleaning up events is the name of the game, as well as general load-in and load-out of the Con.



Errand Runners


Hospitality Superstars


Set-Up Squad

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