Do you love music? If you do than you’ll love KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, the featured Shiftboard member of the week!

For years, winner of multiple Webby awards, a built in feature of early iPods with an international audience, Listener Powered KEXP has been part of the Shiftboard community for about 5 YEARS!  Happy Anniversary Baby!

Established in 1972 in partnership with the University of Washington, KEXP has been bringing a unique brand of music to the airwaves of Seattle for the past four decades.  They do a damn good job of it!  Having recently signed a new 30 year agreement with the University of Washington, you can expect to being hearing KEXP for some time to come. From the soulful jazz of Miles Davis and Nina Simone to the fast paced post-punk of the Arctic Monkeys, KEXP 90.3 has it all, this is the place where the music matters. Wanna become part of a cultural phenomenon in Seattle? Check out KEXP’s main site or register as a volunteer on their Shiftboard site using the links below.  If you are in major citys across the globe and can find some time, join the KEXP Shiftboard site and help out your local KEXP Shiftboard POSSE!

KEXP 90.3 FM Seatte Main Site

KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle Shiftboard Site