For the last 42 years Bumbershoot has been the premier music and arts festival in Seattle, WA — If you haven’t been,  it’s a lots of fun  In fact, over the years,  it’s grown to become the largest urban arts festival in all of North America with over 100,000 attendees flooding Seattle Center on a yearly basis.

Shiftboard has powered tens of thousands of volunteers getting involved and getting scheduled with Bumbershoot in Seattle over the past 6 years.  Doing this, we’re helping to power Bumbershoot, now with 2012 marking our magical 7th season – We are proud to work with organizations like Bumbershoot that help promote music and the arts in our communities.

So save the date: This year, Bumbershoot is happening September 1-3 (Labor Day weekend).  One ticket is all it takes to get you into this world of awesome music, great films, amazing art and so much more.  Come Labor Day Weekend, be sure to have your ticket ready so you can join in on the fun.

Of course, if you’d like to volunteer for Bumbershoot (earn your tickets!), or just find out more information about getting involved behind the scenes, check out the links below.

Volunteer with Bumbershoot here

More information on Bumbershoot here