Being a Seattle company and a long-time (and raving) fan of the Seattle International Film Festival, we can’t help but love what SIFF does in the community and online. We appreciate Zee Grega writing about us on her MetBlog post about volunteering at SIFF. Thank you Zee.

Facebook and SIFF and Online SchedulingWe follow SIFF at Twitter, of course.

Plus we also are members of their active Facebook Group with almost 1,200 members. It is always fun to connect up with friends you didn’t know were also involved or interested in the Seattle International Film Festival.

SIFF is savvy about their online time. They have a great website, naturally. They have Twitter going for them. Their Facebook setup has me intrigued though as they have both a Group and a Fan page. I think that’s smart. Some people will just want to identify with the brand and stand up as a fan. Others will want to engage in discussions at a different level, much like the volunteers at SIFF who use Shiftboard to manage their schedules online. Groups allow that interactivity.

Oh, and just to prove they are a fun-loving bunch, SIFF has a great Flickr page, too.