“I need to post a shift and include a PDF or Word document so my employees can have more information on their assignment”.  Done.  Shiftboard’s online scheduling software allows scheduling managers to include additional information for a particular shift or assignment.  You can upload and store documents on your Shiftboard site and then attach these to shifts the calendar.


This process works great for one of our “handyman” service customers.

The employee’s login, and clearly view their assigned shifts in green.  They can pick up additional shifts in red.  For each shift they view the start and end time, the location (with a Google map attached), and whatever additional information is relevant for the job.  This Handyman client attaches invoices for their employees to print out and bring to the clients home.

Other Shiftboard customers are using the upload and attach tools to post waivers, directions, forms, driving routes, etc.  Just like the Shiftboard calendar these files can be viewed from any web browser.  Employees can view and print the documents from anywhere and aren’t required to stop by the office.  This saves time and keeps business running smoothly.