We have made some changes and updates to the Shiftboard news page.  This is the first page any user sees when they login.  It’s similar to a reader board in that it quickly grabs the viewer’s attention.  All managers, coordinators and end users land on this page first.   The news page is completely customizable by managers.  You can include links to the Internet and insert documents like a PDF waiver or training packet.  The news page holds all necessary info and can be designed to be bright and colorful or plain and simple. Updating the page is a cinch and all edits are available to users in real-time.image_products

Volunteer scheduling managers use the news page to thank members for their efforts and highlight shifts they are desperate to fill.  Nurse scheduling managers post reminders about proof of immunization requirements and CPR re-certification classes.  Lately, healthcare staffing managers have been using the news page to post current reports about swine flu.  Amongst all market segments it seems there is always something new to message.  Our news page offers a user-friendly approach that is easy to update 24/7.

For Shiftboard users, checking the news page quickly becomes routine, just as routine as a morning cup of coffee.