I read an interesting article by Rieva Lesonsky on MSN Money entitled “Recovery Could Mean an Exodus of Employees.”  If you are a manager or small business owner, that title might hit you as somewhere between absurd and blasphemous.  But we do have a changing workforce on our hands, and they are coming to expect more than just a paycheck to stay around.  Consider the following:

“When job opportunities will rebound and ultimate opportunity/control will shift from employer to employee. Indeed, the shift has already started. This spring, for the first time since 2008, more Americans quit their jobs than were laid off. The first group to go is likely to be your youngest (and least costly) employees.”

Some of Shiftboard’s earliest customers were in the highly competitive medical staffing business, where an RN or CRNA can work for just about any staffing company.  A big piece of what those early staffing company customers wanted from the very first version of our product back in 2002 was to put some control in the hands of their contractors as a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining good folks.

Both the magnitude of the trend and the expectations have grown in the past 8 years. Here at Shiftboard, we have staked a claim on this trending of 21st Century employees and more specifically how to support it.  We feel, as do our many customers, that along with a paycheck their employees want some say in the times and places they work; they expect real-time communication; they want to check statuses online 24×7.  Whether or not you believe the trend is real, at least consider its implications.  Because the alternative might be putting a lot more time and money into hiring and new employee training.