The Future of Work is one of my favorite blogs around the trends of work, contingent work, flexible work and how it is impacting employers and employees. The team here recently completed a study with a big title:  Flexible Work Arrangements for Nonexempt Employees.

It is part of a large study conducted to understand the rapid change taking place in today’s workforce. The report is aimed at the people who manage or lead employees who work outside of traditional office facilities and who may be a distributed workforce — that is, hourly workers, temp workers, full timers who telecommute from  home. It could be that you have different locations and people clocking in at all different shifts and times and you are trying to find ways to let people share shifts or come in at non-rush hour times. This report (I only read the summary) covers some of the critical information you likely need to decide how to implement a plan of your own.

A number of factors are cited for this remote work/telecommute/flexible trend:

  1. Fuel prices
  2. A proliferation of connectivity devices
  3. Employee demand for work-life balance

Here is the summary on flexible work program trends.  Look to the right for the 2009 Survey Briefs section and the above title and click, “Read It.”

If you want simply to read the summary about this survey, click to the Future of Work blog post on the same topic.

This is a blog and site worth bookmarking.