As an economics graduate, I’ve come to realize that I almost always try to quantify certain actions–especially in terms of the most efficient way to use a limited amount of resources.  That said, it’s no surprise that I’ve found myself at a company that does just that-making the best use of manager’s, scheduler’s, and volunteer coordinator’s very limited time.  Why would someone who is constantly under the gun and crunched for time sit down and manually work around availability, skill sets, and employee preferences when there are easy ways around it?clock

An important concept familiar to all econ/finance/business people is the opportunity cost of certain actions.  In theory, everything you do has an opportunity cost (how’s that for pressure?).    If you spend the afternoon in a yoga class you aren’t just out $20, but you also incur an opportunity cost.  Those 90 minutes dedicated to your inner self could have been spent on the job making money or perfecting a skill to set you up for future success.  It all boils down to deciding what the best use of your time really is.  To many, spending those 90 minutes once a week is critical in avoiding a stress induced meltdown which we can all agree would lead to far worse consequences than foregoing a few bucks.

To the small business owner, volunteer coordinator, or manager at a large conglomerate it’s safe to say that their scarcest yet most valuable resource is time.  Any product or tool that can effectively reduce time spent doing one thing to put towards time doing something else like growing the business, planning an event, or simply eliminating stress is a very good thing.  Yes, there is a cost associated with online scheduling, but that cost is minimal compared to the payback.  Rather than eating up hours every week plugging in schedules, calling around to get coverage, making changes to employee contact information, and making sure your schedule is current and up to date,  Shiftboard allows you to put that time into your primary goal.  Who can afford the opportunity cost of not using online scheduling?  Not only will you put time previously spent scheduling towards a greater good, but chances are your current scheduling process won’t hold a candle to the tools, communications, and overall ease of use that the team here at Shiftboard has worked hard to create, test, and perfect.