Now that you know about our penchant for healthy living, what we look at every day, what we like in an office space and our “design aesthetic”, it is now time to get revealing. Enjoy some little known facts about our staff.

Happy Friday and enjoy the list, from (part) of the Shiftboard Social Media Team.

  1. One member rides a unicycle AND he can juggle. However, he can not juggle while riding his unicycle.

  2. Our four-person mobile team has 16 children between them (and no, they don’t all have four).

  3. One staff member can blow bubbles off her tongue (Sadly, no pictures are available; the conditions weren’t conducive).

  4. One Shiftboarder has devoted almost 1300 hours to a videogame over the past three years (he swears he multitasks when doing it, but we don’t really believe him).

  5. One staff member used to be a DJ. You will know who because his voice is so soothing.

  6. We are a (food) allergy free office.

  7. One staff member has had her nose pierced for more than 10 years, but only one person in the office has a tattoo. This is a shocking statistic being based in Seattle!

  8. Another took 10 years of tap and ballet lessons.

  9. One of us did a 30 day backpacking trip.

  10. Amongst the staff we have been to 36 countries (and counting).

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