Send text messages with Shiftboard

The rule “no texting at work” doesn’t apply to Shiftboard users.  Managers can easily message their employees via text through Shiftboard’s system.

Imagine you are an event management scheduler and just had to reschedule the start time of 15 shifts from 5:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  The text feature allows you to instantly reach and message all affected workers.  Most people don’t have continuous access to the Internet, but most everybody does keep their cell phone with them 24/7.

Texts are received quicker and are much more likely to be read then emails.  A nurse-scheduling manager can text all qualified RN’s who aren’t currently working to try to fill a last minute shift.  After a manager posts a new schedule they can text their employees to let them know it is ready.

Your employees will love you for letting them have immediate access to their schedules and you will feel confident knowing your workers can be messaged in a method that is rapidly becoming the most preferred method of communication.