The week long SXSW Music, Film and Trade Show finally drew to a close over this last weekend with much fanfare and aplomb. For those that weren’t aware, Shiftboard hosted a booth at SXSW rubbing elbows with the likes of MK12, John Hodgman, Adam Duritz and many many more. What was but a few years ago a small obscure film industry shin dig has exploded into one of the largest festivals of its kind in the country and Shiftboard can proudly say that we were apart of it helping schedule all of SXSW volunteer staff. This years festival was a grand success with more attendees than ever, plenty of screenings to attend and lots of great music.

We here at Shiftboard had a great time meeting new and current members, the volunteers of SXSW as well as those in the general public. To be sure, it was all a bit daunting but excellent fun nonetheless. Do be sure to keep an eye out because who knows, Shiftboard might be making an appearance at a trade show or festival near you!