Shiftboard is a huge supporter of nonprofits.  Over the years we have assisted hundreds of organizations with our time, energy and products. Support for nonprofits is so ingrained in Shiftboard’s culture, that we have actually volunteered to speak at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) to share our knowledge of how dynamic workforce management can help their cause.

The NTC is all about connecting and learning how technology can help nonprofits build communities and create social change. They actually rely on the community to decide which speaking session proposal would be the most beneficial. That’s where the Shiftboard community comes in.

Shiftboard is in the running and are asking for your support by voting for our speaking proposal titled Sign Up For Dynamic Workforce Management – 8 Magic Methods. Through working with customers and volunteering at nonprofits, we know we have unique insight to share. With expertise in creating online communities and years of implementing technology that supports nonprofit missions, our presentation would be invaluable to the NTC audience.

Voting is taking place now through September 30th, so please cast your vote today. Thank you!