Sometimes smaller enhancements don’t make the blog or new features list. However, it seems the quick & easy fixes often make the biggest impact in a manager’s daily Shiftboard routine. Here are a few updates that are guaranteed to make online scheduling even easier.

–       We’ve added a People Search on the Dashboard so you can find any account from any screen

–       You can customize your automatic “Shift Reminder” messages

–       You can customize the “No Pick-Up” message sent to end users

–       Manager Notes can be sorted by Team or Member across any date range. Of course, just like all other data within Shiftboard the information can be downloaded to Excel in real-time.

–       Members can run their own shift report to view their total hours

–       Last but not least, and certainly the favorite this month is the ability to customize what day of the week shows up first on your calendar.  This setting allows organizations that operate anything different than the standard Monday to Friday schedule to choose their workweek start day.

Thanks to our customers for keeping us in the loop and providing great feedback – enjoy! If you would like any help utilizing these features give us a call at 1-800-746-7531 or email:

– Alison