It can take less than 15 minutes to determine if Shiftboard will work for your business. From an account management perspective, what occurs after those 15 minutes is quite entertaining. Some customers will toss and toil, examine and explore, compare and shop around only to come back hours, sometimes days or a few painful and exhausting months down the road.  I can’t tell you how often I answer a call from a familiar area code and hear a fatigued scheduling manager say “We are finally ready to get going, how soon can we start?”

Another group of clients call and sign up within minutes. A scheduling manager from Minted called this week: “I need to schedule 60 new employees today, they won’t stop calling and they are driving me nuts!” After I drooled over their “freshest designs on paper” we quickly verified that Shiftboard was an excellent solution. Within the hour Minted had a branded site with employees loaded and a schedule set through the next two months.  It really is that simple!

We know choosing a scheduling system is a big deal. In fact, finding the right solution is absolutely imperative.  Just keep in mind the process might not need to be as difficult as you originally thought.  We all love finding the right fit. The latest discovery I’ve made certainly fell right into my lap. Thanks to Minted, the 2010 Shiftboard Holiday card is already on its way. With that daunting decision out of my way I can spend more time scouring the holiday candy bowl!

Alison (Jones) Rogstad