Here at Shiftboard, we use a number of different products to help our operations run smoothly. One of our favorites is RingCentral. We know you love Shiftboard because of our awesome client success and support teams; we are always here to help with any question you might have! RingCentral helps us help you.

We use RingCentral as our main telephone system. There are a number of different integrations that RingCentral offers and we love how everything is connected together, which means we can keep our focus on you and not on our phones.

If you call the main Shiftboard number, there are a few different options to get connected to the right area. For example, our support line is ext. 2. Having these different options helps us route incoming client calls more efficiently. All of our employees here also have direct lines. Calls are easily transferred within the organization to the correct agent (we are all about the right people, at the right time in the right place).

Another main benefit of RingCentral is the integration with SalesForce. We use SalesForce for all our client database information, and through SalesForce we can one click call to any number – which has made dialing our client’s even easier. This is a change that we made recently and now we can’t imagine our lives without it. Not only does it prevent us from dialing mistakes, but it creates a record (which we can then edit and add information to). Saves us a ton of time!

Shiftboard has clients all the over the world (seriously, we are everywhere) and we like to keep in touch with them the same way as our national clients. RingCentral makes that easy by providing local (to them) call in numbers so we can arrange calls to assist with anything that comes up.

So, if you’re looking for a phone system to better your business, check them out!

Thanks RingCentral!


Sakina & Jessica