Here at Shiftboard we love a good movie. And what is better than one good movie? Many, many good movies. If you also love good movies (the more the better) then check out the 17th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival, which starts on April 9th and goes through the 16th in Madison. This year’s Festival presents over 150 films in eight theaters in eight days.

The four-mile festival footprint is easily accessible whether traveling on foot, two wheels, four wheels, or via Madison Metro Transit.

They even have two special programs geared for young movie buffs ages K-2 and 3-5. This is a great way to expand your children’s cinematic horizons with quality entertainment.

For all the details (and to buy tickets) check out Wisconsin Film Festival here. Wish you could have volunteered? Make sure to check back for next year’s volunteer registration run by Shiftboard.