Here at Shiftboard we’ve heard a lot of interesting ways to describe our software, but recently I heard what may be one of the best compliments I’ve heard in a while: a volunteer coordinator got an email from one of her volunteers saying that “even a techno-peasant can understand Shiftboard!” Now I know what you’re thinking, we had never heard of this term before either, “techno-peasant,” but it does vividly illustrate the fact that Shiftboard is indeed easy to use, especially for your volunteers and employees.

Shiftboard users don’t fall into one neat little category; there are 85-year-old women who have never had an email address to 30-year-old web developers and 17-year-old festival volunteers. Shiftboard has not been designed with just one type of end user in mind; instead we’ve aimed to make the system easy and accessible to all who want it.

One of the biggest problem that we see is that people go into using Shiftboard with the idea that all software must be complicated and require some savvy IT guy to help set it up. This is far from the truth with Shiftboard, contact us today to get set up and happily scheduling the very same day.