A few weeks ago, good ‘ol Punxsutawny Phil predicted an early spring in 2011.  The Shiftboard offices are in Seattle, where we are skeptical about the weather (still hopeful) however thrilled about the thought of spring only a few weeks away.  Why? Because spring is when many events, large and small start to rev up their Shiftboard engines and get back into the swing of things for the busy event season between spring and early fall.  Every year we listen to our customers and have tailored many of our scheduling software’s features and functionality towards those in the event management industry.

Whether scheduling employees at a state of the art stadium or volunteers at one of the most popular bluegrass/Americana music festivals in the country we’ve listened to feedback from all of our diverse clients in the event management space and worked to create a scheduling software that will make their lives easier.

Here are just a few of the features that have been enhanced specifically with event managers in mind:

1.  Schedule for multiple venues/stages/locations from the same Shiftboard site

2.  24/7 access and visibility of the calendar

3.  Let your volunteers/staff do some of the work: have them pick up shifts (you can still assign them yourself, if you want)

4.  Run reports to see coverage, hour totals, labor costs, and just about anything else you would need

5.  Pre-formatted sign in sheets

…and the list goes on and on.  The great thing about working with so many events is that while they may love Shiftboard, we love working with them.  It’s amazing how many DIFFERENT types of people are involved in the event industry.  Our friends at the DC Convention center know a thing or two about organizing and staffing formal national events where the guests often include presidents and international dignitaries.  Here on the West Coast, the fabulous volunteers at the AFI FEST 2010 worked to make the stars shine with some of the biggest names in Hollywood with films like The Black Swan, Abel, and The King’s Speech.  We also work with many amazing parent volunteers who use Shiftboard to organize and schedule school events in the very rare and precious spare time that they have.

So stay tuned to the Shiftboard Give a Shift blog, as Spring gets underway we will be sure to keep you posted with a lineup of great events as well as new features and tools that will make event scheduling even easier.