Although tiny, we all know a paper cut can do some major damage.  The result of that little cut can be painful and annoying for days.  A paper cut in web-based scheduling terms is anything affecting user experience in the first few days of experiencing and learning a product.

Shiftboard paper cuts are almost always small and generally a quick fix.  Daily gathering customer feedback and questions allows us to prioritize and fix the most frustrating paper cuts in our system.

Here are just a few of the paper cuts finished this week:

•  Providing the option for managers to switch between a 12 hour and 24 hour time clock.  This is particularly useful for our international customers as well as security scheduling, nurse scheduling and police officer scheduling.

•  Adding the ability to send a text message from three different locations instead of one. Managers can now text message everyone, a specific group, or an individual

•  Adding a tool to turn off Referrals.  Not all organizations want their users sending referrals to their friends and family. A manager can decide if this tool is helpful and simply turn off referrals if they are unwanted noise.

We love knocking paper cuts off our list.  Scheduling software has to be simple. Our goal is to alleviate all the bumps and hick-ups that make you want to scream!

-Alison J