1. While I think I am pretty witty and interesting as a writer, even my wife would very likely not corroborate that fact.  So instead I will keep this short and to the point.  If my wit comes through once every 20 or so posts, consider it a bonus.

2. I think businesses and the people that work in them are pretty interesting.  That’s a good thing since I spend 3-5 hours per day talking to these folks on the phone.  If you feel the same, read further.  If not, I might suggest the Survivor blog instead.

3. I have been in software sales, marketing, and customer support for 15 years.  That either makes me a dinosaur (ask my kids for an emphatic “yes”) or puts me in a Yoda-level class in terms of experience and wisdom in the Internet world.  Any expectations you have in terms of over-under on future posts should weight heavily towards dinosaur.

4. I have learned that business software and the processes it automates are like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, like Thelma & Louise, like Canada and hockey – you can’t have one without the other.  If you think those analogies were bad, my first  was “hand in glove”, which proves that my wife is right (see #1 above if you are SLOW).  Anyway, you may find me putting a fair bit of thought into business processes in this blog, which is not an accident.

5. The best concert I ever saw was Mick Jagger and the Stones in Leipzig, Germany in 1995, only a few a years after the Wall came down.  If you don’t like Stones or don’t know what “the Wall” was in Germany, stop reading my posts IMMEDIATELY.   Instead, please read Alison Jones’ posts.  She is smarter than me, and she talks to at least as many customers.  But my kids would never label her a dinosaur.  As for Bryan & TJ’s posts, they are going to have to compete with my formidable wit for your attention . . .