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I believe all teenagers should work in fast food. My first job in high school was at Jack in the Box.  You learn a lot about customer service, organization and, most importantly, how to make the best milkshakes of all time.

After my stint in the food service industry in high school, the next step in my career was a retail job at JCPenny during my college career. If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know there are a number of different ways decisions are made about schedules. Variables such as how far in advance the schedule comes out, how they distribute it, and what time off/vacation days look like in the company change constantly.

One of the major issues I had while working at JCPenny was figuring out my schedule in relation to my classes at school. Since classes changed every 3 months, I was constantly talking to my manager about my scheduling needs. As you can imagine, a lot of information gets lost in translation. Managers have more than one person’s schedule to worry about, and yet somehow they were required to magically, and accurately, remember everyone’s specific days off/times available to work. Some of my coworkers were also in school and others had more than one part time job. I couldn’t even count how many times I had to go back to my manager after the schedule was released to let them know I had class during that time. I always thought (I knew, I swear) there had to be a better way.

Had I known then, I would have recommended using Shiftboard for my department (actually, the whole store). Having an easy way to enter my available days and times, communicate with my manager directly, and see the schedule/request changes would have made my life so much easier (and my managers’ as well.) There were many times I had to make a special trip to the store to pick up my schedule on a small printed piece of paper. Days I didn’t work, going into my job was really the last thing I wanted to do. Had they been using Shiftboard, I could have checked my schedule online in the comfort of my own home, or even on my smart phone.

Unfortunately during my time there, the scheduling never improved. There was always communication errors and changes to the schedule that happened daily, making this a task that took much longer than it needed to. These are very common issues for many retail companies. Using Shiftboard, scheduling is made 1000x easier for everyone. It just makes sense.

Don’t make the mistakes of my managers! Check out how Shiftboard can solve your scheduling nightmares.