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Whether you are learning or teaching something, anything really, new it can be stressful and hard. And for some reason, teaching a new technology or software can induce a higher than normal level of anxiety in some people. Oh, the terminology! What is the “Cloud” exactly? What is a “Data architect” and do I need to be one? Answers: Don’t worry about it and nope.

We always are looking for great employees (interested? Send us a resume.) and must teach our new hires the ins-and-outs of Shiftboard. We hope these tips will be helpful as you bring on new employees and introduce them to Shiftboard.

Technology, in general, and Shiftboard, in particular, should make your life simpler. This is why you came to Shiftboard. Even though there is a lot to learn in the beginning, using Shiftboard will become like second (or first!) nature with practice. When you are introducing a new person to your site, don’t forget to communicate this.

Plan ahead. Like with anything, the key to success is having a framework from which to work. You want to know where you are and where you are heading. This will give you an idea of how quickly someone is learning Shiftboard and will help you feel confident in your communication abilities.

Set some goals, preferably realistic ones that are measurable in time and space. Maybe you want someone to be able to demonstrate “X” skills before you move on to “Y.” Or, perhaps, you would like them to be comfortable doing “A” by next week, which is probably realistic versus having them know how to do “A-Z” by next week.

Be flexible. Everyone learns at his or her own pace. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning something new. Be sensitive to that, whether they are moving faster or slower than expected.

Prepare a variety of exercises. This will help showcase Shiftboard in many different ways. Hands on activities take things from theoretical to the practical. Have them work with real, applicable scenarios to help them feel confident in their skills before you turn them loose. Real data is incredibly helpful when using the site.

Ask for help. We want you to be happy, long term customers and we provide the training and support that takes. Drop us note and tell us how we can help.