It’s a feeling that managers who are responsible for scheduling and coordinating their workforce know all too well: uncertainty. It can persist no matter how many hours you spend planning, managing correspondence, or balancing your workload. Even the most well-prepared can still never be sure where every staff member is, or if the right people clock in on time, and in the right place. On top of that, despite flawless organization you may find yourself scrambling, trying to find last-minute replacements with the right qualifications. Who’s on the schedule tomorrow? Is your sub at risk of getting burnt out? The possible uncertainties are endless.

But while the details vary across industries, and even from manager to manager, enhanced workforce visibility can improve all of these situations. More specifically, real-time visibility is the key to finding the operational strategy, clarity, and agility you need to overcome uncertainty. Fortunately, there are workforce and scheduling solutions available that can show you the big picture right away.  However, it’s important to understand the functionalities you should expect from these solutions to achieve the level of workforce clarity needed to accurately track the who, what, when, and where for your organization.

Clearly Qualified
As a manager, staffing your organization with the right mix of properly qualified people generally makes your job much easier. To do this well, you must be able to easily verify that your talent meets all necessary criteria – such as up-to-date licenses and certifications – to validate their skills and comply with regulations. Additionally, you should be able to easily monitor your staff’s performance with notes and ranking data to ensure they’re the right fit for the job.

Get Everyone on the Same Page
No matter how talented your workforce is, they will always perform better when put in the right position—and armed with the right information – to succeed. On the job things can change quickly, so building confidence and trust among your workforce is vital to helping them keep pace. This is why keeping your people informed with instant, targeted communication is so critical. Referencing outdated plans, rosters, schedules, etc. can leave you and your staff out of sync. So make sure you can provide relevant insights and updates to the right people at a moment’s notice.

Improve Accountability and Planning
After you’ve assembled a qualified workforce and brought everyone up to speed, you still only have insight into part of your organizational picture. You need to be able to confirm that your people are clocking in at the right place and time, and keep up-to-date, accurate records of their hours worked and pay rates. Holding your people accountable helps keep your operation running on all cylinders, and maintain your reputation. Knowing who’s on the clock and where they checked in, who is approaching overtime and which jobs, events, or shifts are overstaffed gives you more insight into costs so you can better manage your budget and your staff’s time.

Maintain Context
The most important thing to remember is that your organization does not exist in a vacuum and you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why real-time visibility into your entire workforce – that’s accessible to you wherever and whenever you need it – is so important. Variables like industry trends, marketplace conditions, and competitors are outside of your immediate control – and all could threaten your operation. That’s why the ability to see and deal with the things within your power can be extremely impactful.

Seeing the Big Picture
Organizational and workforce awareness gives you the ability to gain up-to-date insights into your entire operation, which is one of the universal keys to effective management. The benefits of greater visibility into areas like staff activities, qualifications, and schedule updates as well as reports that allow you to use this data to run your organization better are immense. However, achieving that level of access can be very tricky, and it looks different for each organization. So check out the options for right-sizing your workforce management and scheduling solution, or call us today for a free consult: 1.800.746.7531